Clay Has a New Look

Oct 19, 2018
Oct 19, 2018

Today, we announced a new look for Clay and the first major redesign of our website.

We started Clay about 2.5 years ago to work exclusively with startups and big companies who wanted to act like startups. But the same core team has been working together for at least 7 years before Clay. True collaboration, grit, an iterative approach, and relentless dedication to quality have been our guiding principles since day one.

If you don’t know who we are (and chances are you’ve never heard of us), Clay is a digital product agency, often dubbed a UI/UX design and development agency in San Francisco, primarily for SEO reasons.

We design and build digital products of any kind — mobile apps, desktop apps, web apps, apps for wearables and connected devices, as well as enterprise software.

We also know how to tell the world about your product and make people excited about it. We do it by creating amazing brand identities, marketing websites, videos, and all sorts of content.

Our clients are companies and individuals who deeply care about creating digital experiences that are simple and delightful. Facebook, Google, Slack, Coinbase, Coca-Cola, VMware, Fossil, Oppo, and many other great organizations who are super awesome and innovative, but not as popular yet.

Being true to our startup roots, we put together our initial website in about a week using a site builder. It wasn’t a site designers would drool over, and it didn’t win any awards either. But it served us well, much better than we’d hoped it would. People loved the simplicity and our straight to the point, bullshit-free content. And then they would become our clients.

Often, if something works, you become extremely cautious about making any changes to it. We had the same feeling, but we’re a different company now and the change to our look was long overdue. So we decided to just do it.

What we knew for sure is we didn’t want another redesign we’d retire next year. Instead, we set out to build a scalable design system to connect all our client touch points (decks, site, proposals, swag, etc.) into a single cohesive story we can easily iterate on without rebuilding everything.

The first step is our new homepage, which isn’t completely ready by the way, but still, we’re extremely happy about launching it. We want to gather feedback and make it better, that’s the only right way to do products.

But that’s not all. Over the next few months we’ll release our first show reel, add more work, create an about page, and write more blog posts. We’re also taking our social media game to the next level by posting high quality content more consistently. Stay tuned!

Anton Zykin, CEO of Clay.