Mobile app design for a fast grocery delivery startup

JOKR is a grocery delivery mobile app that facilitates quick home deliveries of products from customizable and user-specific lists.

Our work includes the design of the mobile platform for iOS and Android application, which incorporates smart shopping — a predictive and unique mechanism for choosing products.

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  • Ongoing Support
a person holding a mobile phone with the JOKR app opened

We sought to enhance the familiar process of ordering groceries online by making it smarter, more intuitive, and faster.

Delivery Made Simple

The human-centered design provides users with an engaging way to easily select products, many from local brands, that users are looking for at the moment. The result is an elevated shopping experience featuring playful iconography that even depicts the quick delivery progress in a fresh way.

Intuitive Ordering

We simplified the navigation between product categories by developing a drop-down scrollbar. Users can easily discover the products they need and arrange quick-service delivery.

  • JOKR app homescreen with a picture of a burger

We gamified the experience to help gain customer insights, including dietary preferences and products liked the most.

A Delicious Brand Experience

Does the app make you hungry? That’s the point. We leveraged branded food imagery and other custom elements to entice users to order and eat. From buttons to illustrations, the UI is playful, yet strategic.

The gamma value was selected to ensure that the images were clear and easy to see, without being overly noisy. By using the right mid-tones, we were also able to create the illusion of depth and distance in some of the illustrations, giving them a sense of aerial perspective.

Smart Basket, Easy Shopping

Smart Baskets are personalized for each user, utilizing their order history, onboarding process, and interactive mini-games to understand their preferences and create a unique shopping experience.

  • JOKR app showing shopping cart with vegetables

Suggested shopping lists can be purchased in one click to further simplify the purchase — still allowing for the removal of unnecessary products from it.

Balanced Composition

For the icons and pictograms, we structured rounded corners with confident geometric lines on a grid to maintain visual harmony across the custom elements.

Another effective visual element utilized JOKR’s signature ellipsis, which was seamlessly integrated into the iconography, illustrations, and overall interface design.

We applied the same principles used for building pictograms to create illustrations using balanced graphic shapes that complement the core logo.

Clay’s been an invaluable part of the JOKR product and tech team. They’ve patiently iterated designs to fit JOKR’s vision and feature requirements, and given us guidance on the best design practices while having our users, stakeholders and a beautiful output in mind.”

Gabrielle Charnoff Senior Director & PM, JOKR

Gabrielle CharnoffSenior Director & PM, JOKR

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