Brand identity for a risk management platform

Interos offers a comprehensive solution for supply chain risk management through an AI-powered cloud platform.

We enhanced the brand design following an internal repositioning for the brand strategy. The result is an upgraded logo and style guide as well as a robust iconography library and design concepts for key pages of their website.

  • Brand Identity
  • Design System
  • Infographics
  • Illustration System
  • Design Concepts

Minor Updates, Maximum Impact

In the redesign, Interos wanted to preserve brand recognition while enhancing the core logo. We prioritized clean shapes, vibrant colors, and dynamic typography to achieve a modern refresh. We achieved a contemporary update that respects the brand legacy and significantly elevates the visual identity.

  • Before

  • After

Building on the Foundation

The striking circular pattern stands as a crucial and central component of Interos’s identity, shaping the primary visual traits and distinctive features that define the brand.

The brand identity introduces two patterns: data-based and geo-based. The data-based pattern reflects the company’s data analysis expertise, symbolizing the structured arrangement of information. The geo-based pattern represents the dynamic flow of global supply chains, inspired by geographical data.

  • Data-based Pattern

  • Geo-based Pattern

We crafted meticulous brand identity guidelines to ensure a seamless integration for the Interos team. The guidelines encompass essential brand elements, detailed pattern systems, refined illustration and photography styles, and a comprehensive range of application examples.

Adaptable Illustration System

Included in the brand deliverables is a versatile illustration system with three levels. Pictograms serve as navigation aids, while illustrations, inspired by infographics, are predominantly data-driven.

Presenting Data Effectively

Recognizing data as the core of Interos, Clay meticulously designed intuitive infographics. These tools are tailored to handle substantial data volumes, enabling quick analysis and visualization. They also enhance clarity in the decision-making process, ensuring a seamless and informed approach.

Upholding Brand Values With Photography

Grouped into two categories — people and supply chain — the selected photography style mirrors the values of global connectivity, trustworthiness, and accessibility.

Depicting people illustrates Interos's collaborative environment, while real-life objects connected through supply chains highlight the brand's regulatory influence and impact.

A Trusted Brand

Interos prioritizes security, shaping positive interactions with clients and partners. This focus is evident in clear layouts, direct messaging, and impactful infographics, showcasing the brand's commitment to clarity and reliability.

Web Design Concepts

As part of requested deliverables, Clay provided design concepts for core pages of the Interos website to showcase the modern approach to supply chain management. The concepts employ data-driven patterns to depict connections and interactions among supply chain stakeholders.

Consistency Across Pages

The concepts also provide a solid demonstration of how to translate the visual identity into a seamless user experience.

Seamless UX

Breakpoints were provided to ensure each page’s design is optimized for all screen resolutions and devices, including tablets and mobile devices.

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