Digital branding and website for an internet connectivity technology

Terragraph is a wireless technology by Meta/Facebook that expands people’s access to high-speed internet.

During our multi-year partnership, we created and maintained their marketing website while establishing the brand’s visual identity.

  • Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design
  • Development
  • Content
  • Terragraph website screenshot with some data optimized for mobile

Our Challenge

We were tasked to convey Terragraph’s offerings to two completely different audiences — government officials and engineers.

After we completed our research on the target audiences, we tailored a distinct narrative and content structure to resonate with both segments.

Constructing the City

To showcase the benefits of Terragraph, the visual identity highlighted the technology embedded in an urban setting presented with animation to captivate users.

To achieve the best first impression, the homepage design should clearly communicate the focus of the site by leveraging components to structure the content in a meaningful way.

This allows the user to discover all of the information they need with ease.

We created a captivating brand story to showcase the essence of the product. We accomplished this by skillfully depicting the product in real-life situations, leveraging both photos and videos.

To assist users with understanding the technology, we included interactive diagrams and visualizations. By strategically using a combination of different media types, the final UX is both engaging and informative.

Visual Language

We had complete creative freedom to define the visual identity for Terragraph, allowing our team to strategize the best positioning.

Through a custom color palette, we united Terragraph’s visual foundation with the Meta/Facebook brand.

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