Design system for a crypto asset intelligence solution

a person holding a tablet with the Nuant Orb app analytics page opened

Nuant collaborated with our team to develop a platform that combines decentralized and traditional finance.

The product offers a comprehensive range of investment and analytical tools, accompanied by a unique visual identity that forms the foundation for its design in both light and dark modes.

  • Visual Identity
  • UI/UX Design
  • Design System

An Elegant Fintech Experience

Our challenge was to present the platform’s intelligence in a clear, user-friendly manner, which we accomplished through intuitive design and robust data visualization.

Nuant Orb portfolio page opened with Coinbase wallet connected

Optimized Widgets

By utilizing customizable widgets, our design team streamlined the display of chart types, news correlation, and time periods, while also integrating hover-based interactions to enhance user accessibility to relevant information.

Evolving the Visual Design

We expanded Nuant Orb’s unique visual identity throughout the product, ensuring a consistent look and feel that aligns with the brand.

a series of Nuant Orb different pages showing web app’s functionality

Versatile Design System

Our comprehensive design system considered both light and dark modes. With clear guidelines for typography, color usage, and widgets, the system ensures a seamless design process and enables future product iterations.

Dark Mode: Enhancing Personalization

Our dark theme not only improves visibility in low-light environments, but also delivers a personalized experience while maintaining visual consistency with the light theme.

Custom Iconography

We created an extensive set of icons to provide visual cues to users, strengthening the overall usability and UX of the product.

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