Web experience for an enterprise people development platform

Cornerstone is a cloud-based HR software provider that offers people development solutions.

Our work includes delivering an elevated brand experience for the website as well as enhancing the visual identity through motion design, 3D design, custom illustration, and creating a full iconography library.

  • Visual Identity
  • UI/UX Design
  • Design System
  • 3D Design
  • Video Production
  • A person checking out a Cornerstone homepage on a laptop

A Reimagined SaaS Marketing Website

The company provides various products to link employee growth with business success, covering the full employee cycle from onboarding to skills training across multiple industries. Our goal was to effectively organize and communicate the entirety of Cornerstone’s broad offerings.

Through a signature illustration style and live images, we identified ways to connect the services to their benefits. We also utilized 3D modeling to give the brand assets tactility, volume, and an inviting quality.

Clay x Pentagram

We collaborated with Pentagram, who redesigned the Cornerstone brand, to overhaul over 50 web pages — discovering ways to expand the visual language while maintaining an intuitive user experience.

a series of Cornerstone web pages screenshots showing website’s functionality


To categorize information and reinforce the brand’s modern image, we expanded on the icon system that leverages the bright Cornerstone Orange with contrasting black and white shades.

Typography & Visual Expression

The user experience is further enhanced by the choice of typography and implementation of the new color scheme, using the distinctive primary color as well as secondary colors to showcase the products.

Methodical Motion Design

Custom brand characters and objects were strategically placed throughout the site and integrated with motion design — creating a friendly, memorable first impression.

  • Characters

  • Illustrations

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