Branding and website for payroll management platform

Created exclusively for the restaurant industry, CafePay is a comprehensive platform for payroll, finance, HR & tax compliance. The system is catered to integrate seamlessly with fine dining and casual restaurants of any scale while simplifying payroll management with intuitive features.

Our collaboration with the CafePay team involved reimagining their brand identity and translating it seamlessly onto the marketing website.

  • Branding
  • Design System
  • Web Design
  • Animations
  • Development

Distinct Logotype

We first established the core brand identity elements, including a custom serif logotype to convey a sense of timelessness and sophistication.

  • CafePay logo
  • CafePay logo on a coaster

A bespoke logomark that subtly evokes the image of a clock, reinforces the connection to timetables, charts, and schedules managed by the platform.

Typography Claims the Spotlight

To resonate with upscale dining experiences, the CafePay logo leverages a combination of old-style serif and sans-serif for a highly functional typeface. This helps the identity maintain a classic approach while conveying a modern feel.

Typography solutions for CafePay

A serif italic typeface is used to emphasize keywords and phrases, which mirrors CafePay's commitment to precision and attention to detail.

An Inviting Brand Identity

Clay developed brand identity system, featuring a versatile typography system, distinctive and welcoming photography and unique color palette. We produced an inviting, modern identity to portray the company's traditional approach and innovative vision.

  • CafePay typography system elements

To humanize the brand, photography of people takes center stage in all of the brand applications.

Creating a Memorable Website

CafePay's website greets users with an unforgettable hero screen scroll featuring bold typography, atmospheric photos, and subtle animations that culminate in the ideal ambiance.

Emphasizing the Brand Mission

In addition to spotlighting the platform's capabilities, we prioritized emphasizing the brand's people-centric approach. By incorporating inviting visuals — friendly images of individuals — and bold typography, the brand experience reflects its mission to support the restaurant community.

Supporting Different Target Audiences

Since the product offerings vary for fine dining and casual restaurants, we helped arrange the content for easy discovery of the different features.

Collection of CafePay website pages

From Announcement to Launch

In the dynamic world of startups, initial impressions are paramount. We ensured an impactful experience beginning with the Coming Soon page and extended the unique visual identity across the website.

Built Using Webflow

We designed and deployed the fully responsive website on Webflow, which was a budget-friendly approach for the startup.

CafePay mobile hero screen

Emotional Connections

To forge a genuine connection with restaurant employees, CafePay merchandise reflects the brand essence — embracing a personalized approach that accentuates individuality.

  • CafePay T-shirt merch
  • CafePay shopper bag merch

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