Serena & Lily

Ecommerce redesign for a leader in luxury home decor

Serena & Lily is a California-based luxury home furnishings retailer. We enhanced their ecommerce experience by facilitating mindful product exploration based on design inspiration.

Our approach infused the website with an air of elegance and sophistication, skillfully integrating their products into a seamless and compelling visual narrative. With an optimized cart and checkout flow for increased conversion, the result is a completely overhauled customer journey.

  • Web Design
  • Motion Design
  • Design System

Capturing the Brand Essence

The homepage welcomes users with the grace of an elegant journal, featuring airy layouts, highlighted content, and subtle animations to create the perfect ambiance.

It’s All in the Details

We introduced an immersive scrollable feed of various products. Users can seamlessly preview, backtrack, and explore, all without leaving their current point.

An Overhauled Purchase Flow

To simplify the buying experience and improve conversion, we created an intuitive journey from adding items to the bag to completing the order — eliminating any complexity along the way.

Appealing to the Luxury Buyer

We harmonized our vision for the desired aesthetic, tailored to resonate with the target audience described by S&L’s team as Nancy Meyers movie enthusiasts. This cohesive brand personality was extended across all pages, ensuring an elegant visual experience throughout the online store.

a series of Serena & Lily web pages screenshots showing website’s functionality

Streamlined Customization

We simplified the preview and application of customizable options for products available in multiple colors, adding to the user-friendly UX.

Incorporating Marketing Tools

Promotional blocks, banners, and forms are all essential elements of any online store. We arranged each element systemically to allow for a consistent visual style as updates are made to the site.

a series of Serena & Lily hero screens

Elevated Shopping on All Devices

Our thorough design process aimed to make sure the website worked flawlessly on mobile devices while also creating a visually captivating shopping experience that distinguishes S&L from its competitors.

  • Serena & Lily search optimized for mobile
  • Serena & Lily website search

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