Building an overarching design system for a gaming gear leader

During a multi-year partnership, we helped expand Corsair’s digital product portfolio, including designing desktop software, mobile apps, and interfaces for specific devices.

We also established a comprehensive design system to guide all ongoing and new product development.

  • Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Design System

Streamlined Design

Our objective was to provide Corsair with a multi-component design system that’s easy to use with clear design standards.

Customization Made Easy

We defined the UX for customizing Corsair devices, carefully analyzing user flows to deliver a simplified experience that caters to both beginners and professionals.

Component-Based Design System

The robust design system equips Corsair’s internal teams in creating an intuitive user experience across all products. Every design element is organized by succinct components.

a series of Corsair pages showing the functionality

Adaptable & Consistent

Corsair’s design language is scalable while maintaining a distinctive personality that seamlessly integrates with the overall brand.

Reimagined Iconography

Before the redesign, the existing icon library lacked consistency in metaphors and did not meet pixel-perfect grid nor readability standards. We overhauled the icons and the result is a sophisticated library to support content needs.

Scalable Grid System

We crafted general construction rules, established stylistic elements, and created multiple grid options to support the expansion of the library.

Motion Design Guidelines

We also developed a guide describing the principles for creating smooth and consistent motion design.

Elevating an Industry Leader

Our collaboration with Corsair addressed unique design challenges for gaming gear and technology all while exemplifying the brand at the highest quality.

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