Designing a self-service digital estate planning platform

Wealth is a new startup aiming to simplify personal finance and estate planning. They equip people with easy asset management through a self-service digital estate planning platform.

We partnered with their product and marketing teams to create and launch the Wealth brand, marketing website, web app, and an extensive design system.

  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Design System
  • Content

Introducing Why Wealth Matters

After defining the benefits of Wealth’s solution, we sought to market the product through humanizing storytelling throughout the website. The homepage leverages assorted cards showcasing possible scenarios of life milestones to make connections for how a user could be better prepared for each.

Brand Identity

We designed Wealth’s visual language through a blend of a signature logotype, bold typography, and illustrative language.

  • a person wearing Wealth-branded hoodie
  • Wealth logo on a turquoise background
  • Wealth app icon on an iPhone homescreen

Intuitive Product Design

The platform comprises strategic core flows — aligning the brand’s trustworthiness with the user experience by guiding users to provide sensitive asset details efficiently.

Wealth hero screen

Estate Planning for Everyone

We utilized people-first messaging and visual storytelling to convey how Wealth is an important resource for everyone, regardless of their financial status or age.


Intricately illustrated animations create a seamless flow on the site, beautifully showcasing all of Wealth’s features with each scroll and page turn.

Wealth site screenshot with a picture of a person working

An Elevated Site Experience

To engage users, each page’s design incorporates a variety of components to succinctly separate content. The transitions are smooth with animations throughout.

Build Your Wealth, Secure Your Legacy

Wealth’s visual identity is driven and shaped by our strategy. Each touchpoint reflects the brand’s mission and core values.

The Wealth Brand

Clay developed Wealth’s brand identity system, featuring a versatile typography system and custom illustrations. We produced an inviting, modern identity to portray the company’s traditional approach and innovative vision.

Wealth hired us with their name selection already in place — even securing the domain to have true ownership of the word in the brand’s digital presence. With the strength of the name in mind, our design choices were grounded in exemplifying the brand as confident, simple, and memorable.

Typography & Color Selection

To translate Wealth’s expertise and energy, Clay developed a vivid, refreshing color palette of green and yellow hues as well as extended and grayscale palettes to cover all the required colors for the product’s interface.

The typography system consists of serif and sans-serif as the typeface duo. Reckless typeface was chosen to give the brand a timeless and distinctive character, while Neue Haas Unica Pro is perfect for the body text.

Custom Illustrations for All Use Cases

The illustration system for Wealth complements the overall brand and communicates with users in a gentle manner. To enhance the experience of typically difficult processes, such as documenting a last will and testament, we introduced a sense of humanity and simplicity in the product by leveraging soft, graceful shapes for the illustration style. The end result is a multi-tiered system, featuring pictograms, icons, and full-size illustrations.

Wealth desktop app dashboard

The First Digital Estate Planning Platform

In partnership with Wealth’s brilliant team, we created a revolutionary platform that optimizes multiple processes for estate planning and asset management.

Great on All Resolutions

Our interface effortlessly adapts to any screen size, delivering seamless interaction and optimal user experience.

  • Wealth create & manage page optimized for mobile
  • Wealth desktop create & manage page

UI Playbook

We created a single guide grouping together every element needed to build Wealth’s digital solutions and allow for future iteration. The playbook identifies the main components and the principles of their interaction.

We needed a partner who saw our vision and pushed us to new levels, from ideation to implementation. Clay’s deep bench of athletes and expertise allowed us to deliver on target early on and scale for future expansion as a result of the design system and brand developed.”

Hanna Byers VP of Product, Wealth, Inc.

Hanna ByersVP of Product, Wealth, Inc.

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