Echo Street

An immersive website for a tech-forward investment firm

Based in New York, Echo Street is an industry-leading firm with a modern approach to asset management.

We refreshed their brand and delivered an immersive digital experience for their marketing site to help express their values as well as showcase the team and support recruitment efforts.

  • Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Interaction Design
  • 3D Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development

Delivering a Fresh Look to Asset Management

Our objective was to design a website that would emphasize the distinctiveness of the firm and distinguish it from its rivals. To achieve this, we first identified the factors that set the firm apart and then decided on the most effective way to present the services.

Throughout the site, we employed a minimalistic approach and utilized the "Echo effect" as the primary visual identifier for the brand. We added depth to the site by layering blocks on top of one another.

Shaping the World

We developed other key metaphors consistent with the brand message and inspired by our research into the company’s investment strategy, including emphasizing the premier software offerings.

Along with showcasing the products, we carried out a compelling visual theme that reflects the company's values.

Echo Street labels any promising company as a GoodCo if they are determined as being viable to invest in through their proprietary evaluation model. This factors if the company not only has structural growth but also if it will succeed in the digital world.

Attention to Detail

The 3D presentation leverages modern architecture — each building highlighting the array of sustainable companies the firm invests in.

Showcasing the Echo Street Team

Being a 100% employee-owned firm, it was vital for the new website to highlight the team members as well as provide a glimpse into the office itself. This presents users with a strong initial impression of the level of service they could expect from a partnership with Echo Street.


The frontend development required for the 3D design was a crucial factor for implementing the UI/UX. We also applied many nonstandard solutions, including working with shaders.

On the front page, we used transition sequences to fluidly tell the brand story.

Careful attention was given to the mobile experience throughout the project so the experience is consistent on every device.

Clay were great partners on this project, and did not shy away from thinking outside the box. We are thrilled with the end result and feel it communicates a unique and distinctive brand within our space.”

Marc Elliott Chief Technology Officer, Echo Street Capital

Marc ElliottChief Technology Officer, Echo Street Capital

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