Web app design for a virtual creative collaboration service

Togetherr, a Fiverr company, offers a brand-new platform to revolutionize the advertising industry.

Our work includes creating the on-demand, project-based marketplace, which incorporates proprietary technology. The result is a modern user experience for both brands and prospective creatives to work collaboratively on campaigns.

  • Strategy
  • User Research
  • UI/UX Design
  • Design System

Facilitating Perfect Pairings

To help assist users with executing project visions seamlessly, we designed a questionnaire to align the required tasks, set up corresponding projects, and match the right talent with the right project.

Simplifying Project Setup

We worked closely with Fiverr’s team to define the distinctive experience, ensuring that the product served as a beneficial toolkit to improve workflows, including streamlining the process for the creation of new projects.

a series of Togetherr website pages screenshots showing functionality

While a strong brand identity was already developed by the client, our design team expanded on the unique identity with large typography, bright colors, and striking photography of the talent.

A Detailed Design System

The black-and-white interface required special elaboration for the states of the elements to maintain a connection with the brand and clear functionality.

  • Timeline

  • Activity

Comprehensive Collaboration Resource

We determined all of the stages and user flows required to implement a successful project, including a variety of project management tools to oversee tasks, monitor timelines, and communicate with the assigned team.

In contrast to the questionnaire, the public and management aspects of the platform were designed with a light aesthetic — focusing on text and typography for a clean UX.

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