Web redesign for the world’s largest crypto asset manager

Grayscale is a global leader in crypto asset management. During our multi-year partnership, we redesigned the main website as well as designed and developed a subdomain specifically for new ETFs.

The result is a cohesive brand experience across all pages, including custom animations that complement the new brand attributes.

  • Web Design
  • Design System
  • Illustration
  • Motion Design
  • Development

Defining Grayscale's Digital Identity

We developed a clear, user-focused design to align Grayscale's digital presence with its revamped branding. Drawing from their brand book, we crafted a visual language that blends traditional finance's precision with the crypto world's innovative essence.

The new interface features a streamlined design and intuitive visuals, enhancing user navigation and direct interaction with Grayscale's products.

Grayscale outdoor banner

Reimagined Product Navigation

To address the challenge of Grayscale's expanding portfolio, we simplified the navigation for the numerous crypto products. Our redesign organizes content into an accessible format, featuring a comprehensive table for a quick overview and individual pages for detailed asset information.

Grayscale hero screens

We also designed and developed a dedicated subdomain for ETF products, ensuring a seamless and efficient user experience across Grayscale's diverse offerings.

Streamlined Data & Historical Insights

We enhanced the product information presentation with tables and graphs, allowing users to switch views for a personalized experience. The ETF page features a timeline that provides historical context, showcasing Grayscale's milestones and development to enhance credibility.

Investment Made Easy

The enhanced UX guides users through investment options and simplifies portfolio management, offering easy access to key statistics for informed decisions.

Versatile Components for Any Content

Our design uses adaptable, reusable blocks, enabling seamless additions of new products and sections. This modular system prioritizes consistency and flexibility, allowing Grayscale to efficiently manage content and quickly adapt to market changes.

  • Grayscale assets allocation mobile page
Grayscale UI kit

Knowledge Repository

To support the company's commitment to crypto education, the website includes a dedicated section for informative articles. This library boasts streamlined categorization and navigation, fostering a convenient system for users.

  • Grayscale page optimized for mobile
  • Grayscale web page
A person holding a tablet with a Grayscale website opened

Crafting an Exceptional Mobile Experience

We tailored Grayscale's mobile platform to deliver a user-friendly and responsive experience. Our design optimizes all desktop features for easy access and usability on all devices.

Grayscale pages optimized for mobile

We loved working with Clay – they are professional, creative, and thorough. You’ll find a partner who feels equal ownership over the look and feel of the website as you do.”

Seres Lu VP of Marketing, Grayscale Investments

Seres LuVP of Marketing, Grayscale Investments

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