Lulo Bank

Elevating the mobile experience for Colombia’s first digital bank

Lulo Bank app page with balance carousel

Lulo Bank is the first carbon-neutral digital bank in Colombia. Their services include providing debit/credit cards, facilitating money transfers, and other financial offerings.

With no physical location, the company operates 100% digitally and aims to revolutionize the banking industry in their country.

  • Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Icon Design
  • Lulo Bank debit card

A New Age of Digital Banking

To help enhance the UX while providing all of the necessary features of a modern bank, we integrated thoughtful micro-interactions throughout the mobile app.

Detailed Visual Elements

Our goal was to create a modern yet straightforward visual language. Special attention was devoted to displaying elements that simplify how information is perceived by users.

Custom Icons & Illustrations

To elevate the brand expression within the app, Clay incorporated micro-animations of custom icons and illustrations. This also aided in strengthening user interaction and engagement.

Minimal UX Across All Screens

With Lulo Bank being the first digital bank in the country, we were tasked to design each screen to offer an intuitive and straightforward experience — allowing users to easily navigate their finances.

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