SaaS marketing website for an HR tech company

Phenom is a purpose-driven HR tech company that's helping global enterprises hire faster, develop better, and retain their people longer.

Our work includes reimagining the Ul/UX for the website, creating an intuitive experience while highlighting the product offerings.

  • Web Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Design System
  • Content
  • Development

A Distinct SaaS Marketing Experience

We established a unique visual identity for Phenom, utilizing custom iconography, a scalable design system, and strategic animations to enhance the overall website UX and showcase the platform’s benefits in a compelling way.

a hand holding a mobile with Phenom hero screen

Expressing the People-First Product

Humanizing the Phenom brand was just as important as exemplifying the platform’s ability. We accomplished this by incorporating inviting visual elements such as friendly faces and bold, vibrant typography.

Thoughtfully Crafted Visual Design

We leveraged a combination of light and dark themes while adhering closely to the company’s brand. Interactive animations were used throughout the design to keep users engaged.

Phenom hero screens

Custom & Effective Iconography

To support the storytelling and organize the content in a concise manner, we designed as well as animated a library of iconography.

Optimized for Every Device

Each page was carefully adapted to all modern screen resolutions, allowing for a seamless experience for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

We truly appreciate the creativity hard work by the entire Clay team in bringing our new branding and vision to life. I'm especially grateful to how responsive the team has been! We've already received a lot of positive feedback from leadership and colleagues across the company.”

Caroline Givnish UX Designer, Phenom

Caroline GivnishUX Designer, Phenom

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