Branding for an AI-powered investment platform

Streetbeat, a subscription-based AI platform, simplifies navigating the stock market.

We partnered with their team to reimagine the branding — delivering core brand assets, including the app icon, as well as robust guidelines to ensure consistent brand application. The result is a modern brand identity designed to also enhance the product experience.

  • Branding
  • Design System
  • Illustrations
  • 3D Design

Crafting a Universal Brand Identity

We designed Streetbeat's visual language through a blend of bold typography and illustrative language.

  • Streetbeat logo
  • Streetbeat app icon

To symbolize the complexity of the investment market, we animated the logo so that it dynamically rotates. Movement and growth are key elements depicted throughout the brand identity.

A cohesive visual language was developed for digital ads, social networks, and promotional materials.

The bold typography amplifies the brand messaging, garnering attention and exuding confidence as well as innovation. Supported by robust infographics, it visually captures the ever-changing metrics of the investment market.

Comprehensive Illustration System

The Streetbeat illustration system encompasses pictograms, icons, and illustrations, each serving distinct visual purposes while maintaining a uniform design across varying sizes.

Pictograms and icons provide a universally understood language that readily conveys key information.

To strengthen the visual experience, the illustrations use an isometric style to evoke realism and enable more immersive visuals, especially in larger image sizes. This approach effectively employs gradients and depth for a clear yet simplified presentation of complex information.

  • Pictograms and Icons

  • Illustrations

Exemplifying Accessible Investment

The user-centered system and complex data visualizations were instrumental in creating an intuitive UI, enabling accessible interactions throughout the experience. The redesigned product leverages all of the brand's new visual elements, including color schemes, typography, infographics, and imagery.

We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Clay's team since 2012. Their constant drive for innovation and meticulous attention to detail have consistently led to positive changes in our product and metrics.”

Damian Scavo CEO, Streetbeat

Damian ScavoCEO, Streetbeat

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