Integrating augmented reality to elevate social commerce

Snapchat offers shopping lenses with augmented reality try-on technology, which allows users to visualize different apparel, accessories, makeup, and more using their device’s camera.

We partnered with Snapchat to create the interfaces for the lenses and provided concepts for animation tutorials, supporting various SKUs of products across top brand names. The result is a design that embodies the immediacy and desired engagement of the Snapchat platform.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Illustration
  • Animations
  • Video Production

Immersive Social Commerce

Experience the future of shopping with our innovative design, integrating AR technology for a seamless discovery of new products. Our interface offers voice and gesture control, eliminating the hassles of traditional shopping by enabling smart adjustments to size and color. A new era of dynamic retail has arrived.

To execute our vision, we examined all of the existing types of lenses and leveraged all interactive methods within Snapchat's design system. Tailoring the experience to different user categories, our team developed a fresh design language for the tutorials and product pages.

Lens Tutorial

We had to ensure that users could easily try on and purchase the product — even if they’re brand-new to the app. We also worked diligently to make the tutorial animations consistent across all devices and accessible to all user types.

  • Snapchat AR interface for trying on Apple Watch

An equally important aspect was the highly-detailed presentation of various products. Users not only have to be able to try on, but also touch and even rotate the product.

Animation & 3D Modeling

We created a universal style of tutorials using 3D modeling and animations. Our goal was to create an immersive and engaging experience that would allow users to explore the full potential of the lens.

To maintain connection to the actual physical product, we created a signature illustration language with 3D modeling to add tactility, volume, and a desire to touch the objects.

Maximizing User Autonomy

When trying on full-body apparel, voice command is simply more practical than tapping. To make this process more user-friendly, we conducted extensive research and experimented with different voice commands to create simple commands.

Standardizing the Product UX

We explored six different use cases that could apply to a wide range of products. After several tests, we developed a consistent solution that exemplifies Snapchat’s tone of voice.

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