Elevating the mobile banking experience

Discover mobile hero

We partnered with Discover, a leading digital bank and payment services company, to enhance their mobile app experience.

Our collaboration involved refining core flows for onboarding and new card activation. Additionally, we improved new feature discovery and implemented a motivation system to prompt users to complete their profile setup.

  • UI/UX Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Icon Design
  • Illustrations

Simplified Onboarding

To streamline the onboarding process for new users, we organized the app's features into four distinct groups. This categorization helped prioritize the most essential settings, creating an initial checklist for users.

  • Discover main dashboard

We updated the main dashboard to aid users in tracking their progress while navigating the app’s capabilities.

This enhancement involves dynamically displaying new actions as users gain familiarity with the app.

Journey Mapping

During the UX phase, detailed flow diagrams were created to uncover all of the possible use cases for receiving and activating a credit card. The resulting charts helped us develop a scenario for testing the first UX prototypes.

For user testing, we prepared multiple iterations of the flow to find the most user-friendly approach. All prototypes were made in two versions — for iOS and Android systems.

a branded Discover card screen

Brand elements were refined across the app to strengthen the cohesive brand experience.

Customs Icons & Illustrations

Among the added brand elements, we also created custom icons and illustrations for improved user interaction and engagement.

  • Discover custom icons
  • Discover logo on a credit card

Comprehensive Design System

All assets and mockups were organized with accompanying descriptions and implementation guidelines. The aim was to establish a scalable system to aid in gradually updating various portions of the app, and eventually, the entire ecosystem of web products and identity.

The final assets we delivered included narratives of the strategy implemented during the design process, from wireframes to final flows.

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